Better Care for Clinical Practice

  • Universal platform, compatible with the most commonly used patient monitoring devices
  • Simultaneous connection to different devices
  • Whole unit monitoring (one PC for up to 60 beds)
  • Integration with Hospital Information Systems
  • Configurable indicators
  • Daily reports
  • Research-quality waveform and data acquisition
  • Local and remote near real-time data visualization
  • Customizable installation adaptable to the existing requirements



Universal connection to medical devices Visit our table of integrated devices
Integration between medical devices Simultaneous connection to different devices: instead of having vital signs splitted into multiple devices, Better Care data acquisition capabilities allows having a unique interface to monitor patient evolution and status
Central monitoring system Whole unit monitoring: 1 computer is everything you need to monitor all admitted patients (up to 60 patients per computer)
HIS Integration Better Care can start grabbing data automatically when a new patient is admitted. Captured and processed data can also be transferred to the HIS, allowing a better patient monitoring from wherever you are
Configurable indicators for both Mechanical Ventilation and ECG
Daily reports designed together with health professionals to ease patient treatment and diagnosis
High-quality waveform acquisition From up to 200Hz
Local and remote data visualization Simple and highly intuitive web application
Customizable installation No extra investment is require because it is compatible with the current equipment and therefore adaptable to the existing requirements.


BetterCare is the software solution for the automatic recording and integration of critical and non-critical patient monitoring data into the Hospital Information Systems, replacing the manual introduction of parameters and vital signs into the HIS by the automatic record of the monitored data since the patient assignment.

One of the main features of BetterCare is its universal connectivity, offering full compatibility with a wide range of both monitors and ventilators. The software also includes configurable indicators, designed and developed together with health professionals, aimed to offer a better patient surveillance and available wherever the doctor/clinician is through whatever device they are using whenever they need it; that’s why BetterCare offers clinicians the remote data visualization in all kind of portable devices by means of a simple, but powerful, web application.

Additionally, BetterCare includes a patient daily report with the parameters grabbed from both monitors and ventilators at the bedside and the system calculated indicators, making it easier to monitor patient evolution and status.


Better Care installation includes customization with the existent equipment and requirements of the hospital or institution.